Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Focus Roller

I hope I'm not the only adult that has trouble focusing on her work. It doesn't matter what type of work it is either: 'work' work (Development Manager at the Des Moines Symphony), working on my blog, researching essential oils, doing genealogy research, wedding planning...the list goes on. I can get distracted or bored or hungry (or all three) and end up not being able to sit down and focus for a solid amount of time.

Insert FOCUS ROLLER. This baby has been so helpful with keeping me on task (doesn't do anything to fix my munchy cravings, but that's for another post). Here's my recipe:

Focus Roller:

  • Find a glass 10ml roller bottle (you can find them on amazon or at your local health/nutrition store, although usually Amazon is much cheaper). I'd suggest getting one with a metal roller ball as opposed to the plastic ones...they just seem to work better.
  • Add 5 drops each of Peace & Calming (I or II), Valor (I or II), VetiverLavender, and Cedarwood
  • Top off with a carrier oil (I think I used Sweet Almond Oil, but you could use whatever you've got on-hand)
  • Roll on your neck and behind the ears to enjoy some focus