Hiccups Be Gone!

Last night I was hanging out with my best friend (and MAID OF HONOR!!!!) Jessie. We got some pizza, beer, and watched Guardians of the Galaxy (if you haven't seen it, you should - it's SO good!). Anyway, the beer we got was Henry's Hard Soda. It's delicious. It's also carbonated which I'm not used to (I very rarely drink soda).

I ended up getting the hiccups. I thought they were funny at first, but after 20 minutes I was getting frustrated. Jessie asked if there were any oils I could use to make them go away...why hadn't I thought of that?!? I looked in my oil reference guide, and sure enough, there were a few oil suggestions to get rid of hiccups! I applied one drop of Cypress oil and one drop of Peppermint oil on my clavicle and within two minutes my hiccups were GONE. HUZZAH!

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