Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Purification Room Spray

Spring is here! Spring is my absolute favorite season (followed by fall). I love when the grass turns green and all of the flowers start blooming. Soon (hopefully) my garden will start sprouting and we'll have our own veggies for this summer!

Tulips are my FAVORITE!

Tulips are my FAVORITE!

Along with all of the lovely springtime flowers, you also get to throw open all of the windows (at least the ones that house is old and has the original 1923 windows). Getting rid of the stale air in the house is fantastic and is helped by this purification room spray. This is also a GREAT spray to use when your dog(s) come in from being out in the rain. (Craig and I were dog sitting for a friend and the two dogs combined made the house smell like one giant wet dog - used this spray and you couldn't tell!)

What you'll need:

Glass spray bottle (I used a 4 oz bottle, but you can use whatever size you'd like, just keep in mind that you'll need to increase the ingredients accordingly). I got my spray bottle on amazon (gotta love prime!)

Witch Hazel - You can find this at local health stores or even grocery stores in their hair/makeup/shampoo section. Again, I got mine from amazon.

Young Living Purification Essential Oil (comes in the premium starter kit!)

Distilled Water


Fill the spray bottle about 2/3 of the way with the distilled water. Fill nearly to the top with the Witch Hazel (the Witch Hazel helps the EO molecules disperse evenly throughout the air). Top off the bottle with 20-25 drops of Purification EO (you can add other EOs if you'd like, I'd suggest Lemon, but keep the total drops to 25 or less). Twist the cap on, give it a good shake and you're ready to make your house smell like a million bucks! (Also a great idea to keep a bottle in the bathroom for more smelly situations.)