Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Face Moisturizer

For the longest time I've washed my face with bar soap and used Sheer Cover face lotion right after my shower. It served me well until I decided to start kicking toxins and chemicals out of my house. I discovered that this lotion that I'd loved for many years had chemicals in it that can cause hormone disruption - yikes!

I started making my own soap (you can find that recipe here) that included essential oils that support my skin and wanted to pair that with a moisturizer that would do the same. I recently stopped using birth control and my hormones still haven't found their natural balance yet (hence, I'm having minimal breakouts) so I want my face lotion to help clear my skin instead of clog pores.

To create my own face moisturizer/serum I took a 2oz dropper bottle and added 10 drops Tea tree, 10 drops Purification, 7 drops Lemon, 7 drops Orange, and two drops Frankincense. I filled the rest with grapeseed oil and gave it a good shake!