Essential Oil Recipe of the Week - Exploding brain pain

You know those days that you wake up (or at least try to get up) and you're knocked back down to your pillow from your head exploding? Or you're at work and feel the little twinge of some vice grips pinching your head?

These two situations are unfortunately too common in my life. I've always just popped some Aleve (or if they're really bad, Excedrin), to try to get my head in the game, but didn't like that I was doing it SO frequently.

When I first got my premium starter kit, I was really curious as to how I'd be able to use oils to combat these annoying pains-in-the-neck. Luckily, one roller application recipe that helps maintain a pain-free noggin used three oils that were all included in the kit! It was super simple: 10 drops peppermint, 10 drops panaway, and 10 drops lavender in a 10ml roller, topped off with a carrier oil (I think I used fractured coconut oil). I keep my little roller of "Bye-grain" with me at all times! (Note: sometimes my roller just isn't strong enough, so I do end up taking Aleve, but I've definitely reduced how much I've had to take - I call that a win!)

If it's possible (depending on when it strikes), I also place a frozen bag of veggies on my neck and put my hands and feet in hot water - doing this helps draw the blood from my head (causing excess pressure) to my extremities. There are also pressure points on the hand that I'll use to lessen the headaches.