How I use oils everyday

Below is a list of ways that I've slowly incorporated essential oils into my daily routine. Most of the bullet points below have improved my quality of life because of how they make me feel. Many of them are replacements for things that I would use anyway but the items listed below don't have any toxic chemicals in them! (Side note: I couldn't believe how many oils and oil-made items I use everyday since I really just started using essential oils in December - they're taking over my life!)

  • Wake-up: diffuse something citrus-y. I absolutely LOVE Lime. It helps me wake up and feel energized for the day.
  • Shower: drop one or two drops of an essential oil on the shower floor near the drain. This acts like a diffuser. I change up the oils that I use depending on how I'm feeling. If I've got some head cloudiness I diffuse RC or Thieves and it makes it helps support respiratory function! (Both RC and Thieves are included in Young Living's PSK!)
  • Lotion: after I shower I put on a soft-skin body butter made from coconut oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter, and essential oils Frankincense and lavender (both in the PSK!)
  • Hair: if I'm running late and my hair game isn't on point I use a dry shampoo I made with arrowroot powder and lavender essential oil (lavender is in the PSK). It gets me through that day, but then I definitely have to wash my hair the following day.
  • Teeth: I've started using Thieves toothpaste (a toothpaste made by Young Living) and to be honest, it took some getting used to. It doesn't foam like my old toothpaste (Crest, I think) and has a different consistency when it's on my toothbrush. Around the same time I changed to Thieves toothpaste I started to add Orange essential oil to the paste when brushing to naturally and gradually whiten my teeth.
  • Mascara: I add one drop of Lavender to my regular mascara tube and apply like normal. I've done this for a couple months now and my lashes are SO LONG. It's fantastic.
  • Perfume: I made a roller that I call Awesome Day that smells AMAZING (kind of like a citrus candy smell) and makes me happy. Essential oils in this roller are Joy (an floral smelling oil blend), Peppermint, Lemon, and Orange (the last three are included in the PSK). I put this on throughout the day.
  • Lip balm: As a trombone player, I never wore lipstick or lip gloss throughout high school or college. However, I did use lip balm to keep my lips from cracking, especially in winter. I decided to try and make my very own lip balm for no other reason than I had the time and ingredients. My lip balm is made of beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil. I LOVE my homemade lip balm and actually gave everyone in my office one of their very own too!
  • Bedtime: I have two go-to diffuser combos. The first includes Valor (an oil blend that smells great), Peace and Calming (again, a blend that smells very good), and lavender. The second is lavender and cedarwood. Usually this helps me fall asleep faster than when I don't use it and helps me sleep more soundly.
  • Sleepy cream: when the diffuser just isn't cutting it (those nights your brain just can't shut off), I apply a sleepy cream that I made with lavender, cedarwood, peace and calming, and coconut oil. This usually knocks me out for the night.

So that's my daily routine. I do use other essential oils and EOs things that I make but the above I use EVERY DAY. If you're interested in purchasing a premium starter kit (PSK) and start incorporating oils into your daily routine, check out this link!